DHG Cables      Built by hand in the USA

Instrument Cables

Mogami 2524 professional low noise cable with Amphenol straight / right angled connectors

Instrument Cables with Silent Connectors

Mogami 2524 professional low noise cable with Neutrik silent connectors

Fractal "Humbuster" Audio Cables

Mogami cable with straight or right angled connectors

    insert Cables

We several different types of insert cables at different available lengths.

Patch / Pedal Cables

Great pedal connector cables, or different length patch cables.

Low Profile Patch Cables

Perfect for racks or pedal boards where space is tight.

Combination Cables

These unique cables are for those applications where you need just the right type of connector cable.

Head-Cab Speaker Cable

Mogami Head to Cabinet connector cables

Mono Bridge Adapter

These bridged mono adapters make all the difference. Keep a couple in your cable bag just in case!

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