Fractal Audio Cables

Cable custom wired for Fractal Axe-Fx Humbuster Technology.  
The TRS connector is marked "FX", and plugs into your Fractal Audio Product (Axe-Fx, FX-8, AX-8, etc.) and the TS connector would plug into your other piece of equipment. 


Built by DH Guitar Repair using Mogami Cable and right angle or straight 1/4" Connectors


“When used with the specially designed Humbuster™ audio outputs of Fractal Audio Systems products"

 Humbuster™ cables reduce the hum caused by ground loops. Use a Humbuster Cable whenever possible between the 1/4" outputs of your Axe-Fx II or FX8 and devices like preamps, power amps, guitar amplifiers, etc”.

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