Y Insert Cables

TRS insert cable sometimes referred to as a Y cable since its three ends resemble the letter "Y" is a studio essential. This type of cable sports a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) plug on one end and two TS (Tip Sleeve) plugs on the other. A TRS Y cable is often used to access the send/return on a mixer insert. You can also use an insert cable to connect stereo signals between gear, when one piece of equipment employs separate jacks for left and right channels and the other uses a combined TRS jack.


Y Splitter Cables

Some Y cables are referred to as Y splitter cables, as the same signal is carried on the two split plugs. This enables you to split a signal into two parts or combine two signals into one. But be careful! You can’t use a Y cable in every situation. For example, you can’t combine two MIDI signals with a Y cable, and you can’t (safely) combine two outputs from power amplifiers with a Y cable. And even if you can get it to work, using a Y splitter cable doesn’t always produce optimal results, thanks to factors like signal levels and impedances.

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